Docker Developer tool that integrates each phase of the containerization process: from intuitive container manipulation, image control, to comprehensive metrics.

First Things First: What is Docker and how is it used?

Docker helps developers run their programs within a constant environment that they know will work no matter where in the world it is run. This constant environment is called a container. Through the containerization process, developers are able to package their applications and run them within a standardized environment, combining application source code with operating system libraries and dependencies required to run that code in any environment.

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Where Docker Misses the Mark

The issue, however, is that the process of creating and downloading images, starting up containers from those images, and subsequently manipulating those containers, requires disjointed processes that often happen within the command line. Docker is undoubtedly a powerful tool that simplifies the containerization process, but there remains room for further optimization. An application that combines the various functionality of Docker and terminal commands into a simple GUI would undoubtedly save developers time and increase productivity.

The Solution: Dockure

Consequently, our team saw this opportunity and decided to create a tool that allows developers to escape the command line with an intuitive GUI that can be easily downloaded as an electron application. Dockure allows for greater productivity by streamlining the various aspects of managing containers and implements features that do not exist within Docker Desktop.

Intuitive UI for managing containers
Easily accessible metrics for individual containers
Pulling new images and or stating containers from existing ones
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  • Container implementation on startup
  • Direct download from docker hub to pull images
  • Create unique image files to begin a project
  • Easily start up containers from the image tab
  • Manipulate single or multiple containers at a click of the button
  • Intuitive UI
  • Complete Docker API integration that frees users from the terminal
  • Comprehensive metrics for individual containers

Future Features (Join Us!)

We are excited for the future of Dockure and envision a multitude of new features including Oauth implementation, further container customization, and remote accessibility for users.


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Open-source Docker developer tool for container manipulation, image control, and comprehensive metrics